Bum bag


The weather has become a lot warmer, but it`s still windy outside. I have a weakness for scarfs, especially warm and soft ones. I recently bought this scarf from one of my favorite norwegian designers, Holzeweiler. I have one in lighter colors as well, but this dark one is my favorite right now. It`s a mix of alpaca and mohair. I wore it with all black and my favorite vintage Chanel bum bag. Bum bags or fanny pack as many call it, are back in style and has been trendy for a while now. I love that the 90`s still dominates, but when you wear a bum bag you have to be careful. The line between tacky and classy is narrow. You don`t want to look like a tourist or someone who is stuck in the wrong decade. Almost all the designerhouses have come out with their own version of the bum bag, and you can get one in chain stores like Zara and H&M as well.

I have gotten a lot of questions lately about who is taken all my pictures here on my blog. It`s actually my husband. I`m really lucky that I have a man that goes out with me in any weather, no matter how cold it is, to take pictures for my blog. He supports me in everything I do. I am so blessed and I really could not have been more gratful. S/O to my man for everything he does for me!


Scarf/Holzweiler Coat/TigerOfSweeden  Sweater/HM  Bumbag/Chanel Sneakers/Nike  Sunglasses/Celine  Jeans/Bikbok



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